Terms of sale

The supply made by LELI Ltd. is governed exclusively by the following terms and conditions of sale; any term or condition set by the customer shall be null and void in our concerns if the same has not been agreed in advance by us and / or accepted in writing.

Any order resulting from an offer must be confirmed by the indicated deadline and, in the absence of an indication, within thirty (30) days from the date of the offer; we will not consider our offer valid once passed these terms. Orders are valid only if made in writing (sent by fax or e-mail) and must specify, for each type ordered, quantity and exact description. The orders are always firm and binding for the buyer. Any changes and / or cancellations of orders placed shall be requested by the customer always and only in writing and will be accepted only in the case where it is not of special material and only if the manufacturer of the goods accepted the request. We reserve the right to supply products in different executions from those contained in the catalogs, price lists, etc.. and reported on the orders. However, that executions shall not change the functional characteristics; if you want to receive a particular execution, you must make an explicit request to be followed by our acceptance.
We do not accept any type of penalty related to the fulfillment of the orders received. 
Minimum order: 100,00 EUR VAT excluded.

The delivery terms are indicative (except for unforeseen circumstances), because we often have to rely on the delivery from our manufacturers. In addition, without being obliged to pay any compensation, we reserve the right to extend the period of delivery and / or cancel your order in case of force majeure and / or breach of contractual terms by the buyer.

The prices disclosed with our offers (verbal or written) are always for goods ex works Milan, packaging and transport excluded; We also reserve the right to change them if, in the course of delivery, any price changes imposed by the manufacturers happen. 

Delivery takes place at our warehouse, with the transfer of material directly to the customer or the carrier, regardless of whether the latter is chosen by us or by the customer; shipments are always carried out on behalf of the customer and at his own risk and peril, even if the "free delivered" is granted. If the client has not given instructions regarding the shipment of the goods or has failed promptly to his retirement, the same will be filed at our warehouses at the expense of the buyer and without our liability for its preservation.

Claims for tampering or shortages should always be presented to the carrier. The recipient must report defects within 8 days of receiving or within 8 days of discovery if the damage is hidden. The complaint will never cancel or reduce the order, and will not claim any compensation on our part. The complaint will not be accepted if in any way the pieces in dispute have been tampered with or repaired or mounted. 

Any dispute about products in transit or already shipped or in the possession of the buyer, doesn’t relieve from the obligation to withdraw the entire quantity ordered and, in any case, from making payment on the due date.

Payments must be made in the manner set out in the order. After the agreed period for payment, without the right to demand payment, we will calculate default interest on our credit, the amount of which is determined in accordance with the provisions concerning the DL 231/02. In the event of late or non-payment by the buyer, we may suspend the delivery of the goods still on order or cancel the remainder of the order by giving notice to the buyer, which shall not be entitled to any compensation, with the exception of our rights.

Returned goods must be previously agreed with our Sales Account, even in the case of a wrong delivery and will be accepted only if the material and its packaging will be perfectly intact. If the goods are already in our warehouse, the refund for incorrect order by the customer after billing result in a charge of 15% of the invoice value. 

In the case of special material, specifically ordered, the return will not be accepted in any way.

We assume no liability for damages of any nature arising from incidents that occur during the use of the products we sell, whether they are recognized as flawed or not. We do not accept any responsibility for the receipt of drawings (including underlying patents) sent from the client.

Any waiver or variation of these general conditions of sale must be explicitly confirmed and accepted in writing by the Contracting Parties.

Our legal domicile will be elected at the head office in Milan, Via Padova, 11 and to any dispute, the competent court is set in Milan, with the exclusion of all else.

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