VECO 300 Extreme

Flexible link connecting the motor to the machine to transmit heavy loads.

Endless V-belts composed:

  1. By natural and syntethic rubber in a balanced proportion assuring increased and constant dynamic priorities.
  2. By a Kevlar cable with a high tracting capacity and a very limited deformation
  3. A transverse fiber matress composed by two elastomer coated layers enabling a lasting maintaning of the cable in its optimal position
  4. The dynamic BI-COMPOUND beltis made of an inverted junction on a double wrapping, separated by a rubber pillow coming from the CVT mixes (high elastic compression)

General features

  • Temperature of use: -35° à +100°C
  • Antistatic following strandard NF T 47 104/ISO 1813
  • V belt sections following standard E 24 - 213
  • Resistant to oil projection, hydrocarbure and diluted acids. ISO1817
  • Enduring centrifugal strenght
  • Good draining of heat at high speed
  • Linear mass: 0,410 Kg/ml
VECO 300 Extreme

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